Goddess Isis-Queen of the Blood Gods

Along with her twin mate Anchille, Isis rules over the Blood Gods, ancient deities cursed to walk amongst mortals until the child of the prophecy returns.

Anchille (En-Keel) King of the Blood Gods

Beside his ancient queen, Anchille leads his coven with a fair hand. He seeks only to redeem their past, lift the curse handed down on them by the gods, and send them to paradise.

Ahmolina (Lina)-Child of the Prophecy

Half human/half immortal hybrid, Lina must secure the future of all the bloodlines in the midst of continued war. Heaven awaits the return of the gods, but Hell is knocking down their door.

Will-Wolf God/General/Son of King Lycion

Descended from Anubis, the Wolf Gods that remain in Europe are at the call of the King and Queen, Isis and Anchille. Their bonds intact, and their oath kept, the brothers will see to it the clans are protected. 

Jamie MacLeod-Black Wolf/Ancient Line

Descended from the coven's sworn enemy, Jamie's bloodline goes all the way back to the days of Dekmaten. Long defected and living in fear, his parents assumed human identities to keep Jamie and his twin sister Jane safe.


Wepwawet, ruler of the Wolf Gods & Opener of the Way in the Underworld. Seeks the unification of the two warring factions so that he can bring their souls safe passage to Duat.


Goddess Sek-met, warrior deity & iron-fisted ruler of the Blood Gods on earth. Thirsty for control and often manipulative, Sek-met's desire to return the celestials to their former power will come at a devastating price.


Cat goddess and benevolent ruler of the Guardians charged with protecting their queen. An ancient warrior and fierce protector, Bast-et will let nothing stop her from fulfilling the prophecy so her daughters can finally be at peace.

Daughters of Bast-et

Omri, Sitre, Khala & Isha are cat guardians and protectors to the King and Queen. Bestowed the gift and powers of immortality by the feline goddess, these once mortal women can shapeshift into large & beautiful black panthers. Their strength and lack of fear make them un-matched assets to the coven's strength. Keeping the old ways of court life alive is paramount to their survival. They await the the fulfillment of the prophecy to know their fate.