S.A. Geary is an American Fantasy writer and author of the newly re-released House of New Gods series, a character collective story with a female main protagonist that spans thousands of years and takes the reader of a journey from Ancient Egypt to present-day England. House of New Gods includes four books: Prophecy, Ascension, Dominion, and Book of Gates. A fifth novel, Reaping, originally poised for a 2022 release but suffered setbacks due to family illness, is now slated for a 2024 debut. S.A., who is of mixed Irish, French African, Italian and German decent, grew up in the Midwest within a highly artistic family. Painting, photography & writing has always been her passion. At university S.A. pursued psychology while keeping a focus on her creative outlets. She flourished in contemporary dance, women's studies, minority women writers and fine art. Work study as a docent for the campus gallery offered her the opportunity to finish projects while also meeting local artists. During the summer S.A. lived on a ranch in Colorado, accompanying guests on trail rides, while fostering a deep appreciation for horses and nature. Her experiences traveling, locally and abroad, meeting people from all over the world is where she derives much of her inspiration. It is in these very personal moments where S.A. taps into the soulful stories of her ancestors, and is able to breathe life into genres that at one time didn't hold as much space for their voices. Please join her on this journey of self discovery. Listen to the playlists, view the galleries, read the behind the scenes stories, and enjoy!