Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth

Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep.

~John Milton,

Paradise Lost

S.A. Geary is an American author of mixed Irish, French African, Italian and German descent. Born in Chicago, she later moved with her mother to Wisconsin, attending school through her senior year. At university, she flourished in Women's Studies, Minority Women Writers, and Fine Art. Working as a docent for the campus gallery offered her the opportunity to finish projects while also meeting local artists. Traveling to the U.K. and seeing the beauty of the English countryside has served as inspiration for her debut novel, House of New Gods.

SA is driven by the desire to breathe fresh life into the supernatural genres by giving them a unique twist, and showcasing the voices of strong, independent women, especially women of color. House of New Gods is a character collective story with a female main protagonist, that spans thousands of years and takes the reader on a journey from Ancient Egypt to present-day England. There are four books available on Amazon for purchase, or free with Kindle Unlimited.

S.A. is currently working on the fifth book in the  series, Reaping. Release date TBD. For more up to date information, releases, book trailers, future promotions and giveaways, stay connected: