Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

~Dante Alighieri 

Sequel to Book of Gates!
S.A. Geary's sensual, avant-garde House of New Gods series returns with a fifth installment.

Lina, Will & Jamie are at long last making the trek to visit King Lycion in Egypt. Joining them are Will’s brothers, their mates, and Lina's human friend Patti, freshly briefed on Lina's life as an immortal. With their enemies silenced, at least for the time being, they seek to turn their attentions elsewhere. Despite the newfound peace a restlessness permeates, filling each with anxiety they dare not utter, for fear it will unleash the darkness upon them once more.

Will has long avoided a return to the wolf king’s dominion, knowing his father’s expectation for him to take his place on the throne. How can he focus on his duty when he and Lina continue to be at odds. Ever since she sent Herocles back to Hell for the second time, something hasn’t felt right. Instead of falling into their lives together and reveling in victory, not to mention parenthood, Lina is more distant than ever. Will and Jamie compete for her affections, still struggling to come to terms with their alternative union. The only thing keeping them from killing one another is the promise they made to Lina. It will only be a matter of time before the inevitable happens. They can smell each other's blood—the time to spill it is coming.


Lina has finally taken to motherhood and being queen with ease, but it’s her position as a mate that has her rattled. The burden of her secret weighs on her each minute, threatening to destroy her completely. Carrying the tortured souls of antiquity, the goddess Sek-met, and the demon Anep had already been unbearable and nearly destroyed her. Now there is a new entity, one that Lina fears will eventually tear her apart from the inside out. Though God assures her this won’t happen Lina continues to worry, not for herself but for her heavenly sons, and for her loves Will and Jamie. They’d almost lost each other before and barely made it back alive. For all those reasons Lina should revel in her kings’ touch, their embrace, but it only fills her with dread and the lying makes her skin crawl. How long will she be forced to live this half-life, split apart, one foot in their world, one in the beyond before she disappears forever?

Back home in Cumbria, Isis continues to regain, then lose her powers along with her will to live. After rescuing Lina from the pits of Hell and saving her coven from ruin, Isis grows wearier. Her heart is ever torn between her sons, Ash & Khan, and her beautiful twin mate, Anchille. Caring for Lina’s newborns keeps the matriarch distracted, but in the night when all are silent, Isis hears Osiris calling to her from the Underworld. It is the cry of a life she led a millennia ago and one she thought she’d forgotten. Does he call her out of love and longing, or something else? As the heaviness threatens to consume her, Isis seeks the Oracles guidance. Instead of a calm heart and reassurance, they tell the elder queen to prepare.


Filled with rage, Evaline, Jamie and Jane’s mother takes matters into her own hands. Almost two years without her children, and knowing they’ve been with her enemies has her seeing red. As Evaline’s hatred for Lina and her kind grows, she decides to pursue the closest source—Costas. Manipulating Lina’s stepdad’s broken heart for her gain, Evaline soon acquires the information she seeks. She knows she can’t take the Blood God’s down on her own and any allies in London may turn their backs on her, fully remembering the past. Still, she may yet have friends in very low places. Unbeknownst to Evaline, one of those lies in the deep, all too eager to assist, it’s armies re-building.


When death reaches the King’s door, the two covens know they must once again come together. Snuffing out the Judas in their midst is only the tip of the iceberg, and it no longer matters what they thought they wanted. It’s time to set aside their desires and make the ultimate sacrifices. If they don’t, all will be lost.

In the heart of England's Cumbrian Mountains, a young woman searching for answers finds much more than she ever bargained for.

For Lina, Chicago no longer feels like home. Her father's dead and been so seven years, the mystery of which continues to haunt her. After a painful break up and no closer to putting the pieces of her life back together, Lina is desperate for a change. Enter Anchille (En-Keel) her estranged uncle whom she's never met. He's sent a letter, offering Lina to join he and his wife Isis in the Lake District for the summer. Perhaps, he says, she could give him the opportunity to explain the reason for their distance. He could even fill in some of the void regarding her father's death. Feeling she has nothing left to lose, Lina accepts. She has no idea what she'll uncover or that this will be the journey of a lifetime. 

Bound to earth against their will, the Blood & Wolf Gods await the child of the prophecy. She alone can unlock their earthly chains and release them from a millennia of war and tyranny. After centuries of hiding, it's finally time for the covens to unleash their memories as the prophets foretold, but they must act fast.

Once sired to protect the legacies of the prophecy, Will is now kept close to the King and Queen, their daylight wolf guardian and strongest ally. When Anchille's niece Lina arrives, Will  is completely caught off guard. Until that moment he'd only ever been a peripheral presence to maintain her safety, and according to coven law he was never to interfere. He knew the two of them were doomed the moment she laid eyes on him and he didn't look away.

When Isis forbids Lina from seeing Will, a chain of disastrous events unfold, and the clock is ticking. The coven's must complete the revelation before tragedy strikes and it's too late.

Can Lina let go of her old life to embrace a new one? Will she submit to a birthright that was carved out thousands of years ago, pitting her human soul against her immortal one? Will she be able to find a balance between herself, forbidden love, and those she's sworn to protect?

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A young woman's extraordinary journey takes a turn for the worse, when she tries fusing her new world, with her old one.

Lina is soon to become queen of Egypt's most venerated beings. The countdown is on but before she ascends into her own immortality, there are loose ends to deal with: her mother, her friends, and her ex. Against Isis' better judgment she allows Lina to leave, but makes it absolutely clear: Lina and Will are on borrowed time. Determined to find a balance between her different worlds, and desperate to keep hold of the man she's falling for, forbidden or not, the two steal away to Chicago. Their lives begin to spiral out of control when Lina's ex-boyfriend Jamie, realizes he's quickly been re-placed, and that Lina has changed dramatically.

Tempers flare, and secrets are threatened. After a bloody fight Lina and Will head home, before she can cause further damage. They return to find life in Cumbria is no longer serene. Enemies lay in wait, wolves descend but are they true allies seeking asylum, or just assailants in disguise? Lina knows she must combat her darkest demons, lock her heart and prepare for what the gods have in store for her.

Sek-met pushes deeper inside, forcing Lina to change faster than anyone anticipated, the fate of all hangs in the balance. If what the coven says is true, about Lina forgetting her love for Will, can she mend things before it's too late? And, will all her training even matter when the gods put her face to face with an army of killers?

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Imprisoned in a hellish domain, one woman must fight for her very soul.

Lina is now queen, ruling over several factions including, the Blood Gods, the Sons of Wepwawet, and the Daughters of Bast-et. The pressure is on for her to fill, not only Isis' incredibly large shoes but all the women in power before her. Despite the joy she feels over finally ascending Lina is still lost. Instead of reveling in her position and all the amenities she's now afforded, Lina prefers to run. It's that very drive to escape that finally sends her back into the hand's of evil, only this is one she's never known.

Will must align himself with his enemy in order to find the woman he loves and bring her home. Can he and Jamie set aside their hatred for one another to carry out the mission set forth by Isis and Agmenon? Pushed to the depths of Hell, both men must fight not only for Lina's life but also their own.

In the deepest reaches of the Netherworld, Lina is tempted to renounce her crown, with promises from an unlikely source. Taunted and tortured while disconnected from her twin soul, Lina slips dangerously into madness.

If she submits to desire it just may be the end of her and her entire coven.

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For one woman the roads to Heaven and Hell are each paved with good intentions.

Lina, Will, and Jamie have bonded their lives together, but their unconventional love carries a hefty price. For Lina, their union signifies a new era, one of excitement and thrill. For Will and Jamie, it is an un-traversed terrain, which neither is particularly comfortable with. To add to the pressure of their strange love, they're each about to become a parent, and in their precarious immortal world, this could be a problem. Beyond the sphere of their domain, an unseen force is beginning to pull Lina, away from her duty as queen, the men she craves, and the lives growing inside her.

As the covens await what they believe will be a time of peace and prosperity, Lina and her kings prepare for a bloody fight. The demon's returned and now he's got his sights set not only on Lina, but her unborn children as well. With two foes lurking in the shadows, Lina must strengthen her resolve which pushes her farther from those she cares for. Herocles will taunt Lina to come out and play, or he'll unleash Hell on earth in his pursuit. Lina must tuck her family behind the walls of their mansion against their will if it means keeping them safe.

Can Lina find new allies to help her defeat the devil while reaching deep inside for acceptance of her truth, one that she's known from the very beginning?

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