2021 Post Covid...sort of.

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A quick hello to everyone who hasn't jumped ship by this point, you know who you are and how much your dedication and patience means to me. 2020 was not the year to publish for me after all. I find myself banging my head against the wall, knowing that while others maximized on the at home readership opportunity, I was neck deep in chaos like most Americans, and everyone around the world. I applaud those new authors for taking that first leap, however daunting and scary it is. For myself, the pandemic brought many changes yet again, in an ever revolving state of flux living on the road. Trying to homeschool my boys, run buisnesses, care for my now geriatric arthritic husky, and losing sweet Jasper it has been a bit much. Nothing I can't handle of course but I'm with any of you that are at this very moment screaming, "Uncle!" I hear you. It is definitely time for some fun, some fresh air, and new beginnings, whatever that means for us.

I have made the next trek across the country, elder girl, and little boys in tow. On the coast we find lush woods, flowers, and the ocean. I am back working, slowly but surely and am hugging myself through all the naysaying. In the meantime please visit my new YouTube vlogs, Tik Tok, Facebook and Twitter, I'm updating and posting. Amid the crazy of life I am at present navigating a new town, finding my haunts, and working like crazy! Let's cross our fingers this breeds completion of the long awaited fifth book. :/:lol:



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