2020 and all the things...

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2020, what can I say? Let's not, shall we.

Let's start better...

It's Friday night. It's been over two months of quarantine-ing with my littles, both are those immuno-compromised types you've read about. If you're like us then you may still be in relative hiding. If you're out and about as we are occasionally then I wish you fresh air, healthy body, and sunny skies.  It's always maddness navigating work with an already round the clock education schedule at home, plus...all the things. With our current state of affairs, re-vamping and re-launching House of New Gods teeters between a lifeline for some, and offensive to others. I've decided that for my family, for my sons, for my readers those devoted beautiful souls, and for my own sanity, I will be re-launching with Amazon this year. I encourage you all to re-read and fall back in love, maybe further than before. I welcome new minds to devour this series, and open arms to those who think otherwise and care to give honest feedback. Please, you're all welcome here. I'll keep everyone updated on all my social media; twitter, facebook, instagram, goodreads etc, when the launch is happening. In the weeks leading up I'll be sharing posts, pictures, inspirations, and back story to my writing process and what the last intensely creative decade plus has been like. Little #2 is doing much better than even last year, isn't going out much around people due to his lungs, but is healthy and happy! Great news and greater news for this mama who is needing to be at her computer round the clock! Check the new covers and trailers. The peanuts make their debut on the Book of Gates cover, and p.s. it's AMAZING!!!

Stay healthy friends,



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