S.A.: Seriously? We're doing this again?

INTVR: Not all fifty, but it's a new year.

S.A.: Alright. Hit me. But not the favorite color deal.

INTVR: Okay. Favorite place traveled?

S.A.: Still England, until I go somewhere else.

INTVR:  Middle Name?

S.A.: You're hilarious. Amour.

INTVR:  Love. I still like it.

S.A.: I don't.

INTVR: But you're French.

S.A.: It's hideous. Moving on.

INTVR: It's not that bad.

S.A.: Moving on.

INTVR: Still a morning person, or has motherhood changed that?

S.A.: Absolutely.


S.A.: Americano. First the espresso, then the day.

INTVR:  Best food this year?

S.A.: I want those catfish fingers, a burger, fries, and a coke.

INTVR: Do you eat that?

S.A.: ?

INTVR:  Gym goer?

S.A.: Not lately, but on a decent week, yoga and I are fair weather friends. I run/walk, mostly with the boys and dog. On a bad week...yep.

INTVR: You're still funny. We missed you.

S.A.: Thanks.

INTVR:  Right. New favorite band?

S.A.: No, but I've been listening to a lot more French cooking music.

INTVR: I didn't think you cooked.

S.A.: I don't. I bake. 

INTVR:  What do you bake?

S.A.: Gluten free cupcakes, donuts, muffins, breads.

INTVR.:  Well?

S.A.: Yeah, really well. I should open a boulangerie. Except I'm trying to do this writing thing.

INTVR.: You had me at donuts.

S.A.: I'll send you some.

INTVR.: What annoys you?

S.A.: Complainers, liars and laziness. And people who aren't "woke".

INTVR.: You didn't just say that.

S.A.: I did. Am I mainstream now?

INTVR.: I hate that word.

S.A.: I hate "bae." But, they have validity. 

INTVR.: You were being facetious.

S.A.: True.

INTVR.: What do you find beautiful?

S.A.: People.

INTVR.: Have you seen the news lately?

S.A.: I actually try not to mainstream. 

INTVR.: You're better off.

S.A.: Peace of mind is very important to me.

INTVR.: Do you have your library yet. Last time we spoke you wanted to begin building a solid collection?

S.A.: On my nightstand now...Hormone Hell to Hormone Well, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and Fallen. I'm working on the construction.

INTVR.: What you could live without today?

S.A. Still a relevant question.

INTVR.: Thank you.

S.A.: I gotta go with the cell phone and social media. It's, in my opinion, both necessary and evil. At least as it pertains to human emotion, growth, and interaction.

INTVR.: Are you a survivor?

S.A.: You know what I've been through, with my sons. So yes, I am absolutely a survivor, and so are they.

INTVR.: Is your truck, because I know that's what you drive now, is it messy or clean?

S.A.: There are a revolving set of napkins, kids socks, and items that need to be taken to the shelter...these are cyclically present, yes. 

INTVR.: If you could talk to your younger self today, what would you say to her?

S.A.: Don't smoke. Don't get tattoos in stupid places. Say "no" more. 

INTVR.: If you weren't a writer?

S.A.: Shop owner.

INTVR.: With donuts?

S.A.: (Laughs)

INTVR.: You could live anywhere in the world?

S.A.: I'd still move to Ireland, buy a cottage near the cliffs, plant an enormous garden, and be at peace.

INTVR.: Would you still write?

S.A.: I'll always write.

INTVR.: Full price or thrift shop?

S.A.: Thrift shop, always.

INTVR.: Apple pie or cherry pie?

S.A.: We did this, and the answer is the same. Pie.

INTVR.: Actor you'd like to meet now? This time you can only pick one.

S.A.: Winona Ryder.

INTVR.: Why?

S.A.: Because I grew up watching her. Because she saw me through many early struggles. And, she just seems really, normal.

INTVR.: Any new crushes?

S.A.: I'm too old for that.

INTVR.: You're never too old for a crush.

S.A.: Lenora Crichlow.


S.A. Being Human.

INTVR.: Haven't watched that.

S.A.: Do. You'll love it. It's a brilliant series with phenomenal actors.

INTVR.: British show, right?

S.A.: There's a U.S. version too, also good. But, I'm partial to the U.K.

INTVR.: Last time we talked about sexuality.

S.A.: My position hasn't changed. I'm still married, still committed, still joyously happy as the matriarchal hub of those three fine men in my life. My sons are my world, and my husband is taking this walk with me. Just because you settle into your pack doesn't mean your personal journey ends. If anything it's a safe-ground for a person to start to do the real work, the  soul searching.  That is the  magic, delving deeper into all those aspects of the self, and exploring this vast universe. We should encourage our partners to do the very same.

INTVR.: Definitely still a writer.

S.A.: (smiles)

INTVR.: Lake or ocean?

S.A.: River.

INTVR.: You said ocean last time. What's changed.

S.A.: Nothing. I think I'm just missing my old cabin, the woods, and those endless moonlit sparkles over the water.

INTVR.: Most annoying habit?

S.A.: I can't seem to shake this control freak thing, but I am trying.

INTVR.: Sleep position?

S.A.: Belly/side.

INTVR.: We know you had 13 tattoos before this.

S.A.: Same.

INTVR.: No new work?

S.A.: Not yet.

INTVR.: Help when someone falls or sit back and laugh?

S.A.: Both.

INTVR.: Wow.

S.A.: It's knee-jerk come on. No, I would help, of course, but I also would laugh. Unless they were bloody.

INTVR.: I don't know, I think you're still going to hell.

S.A.: It's okay peri-menopause is taking care of that as we speak.

INTVR.: Bummer.

S.A.: It's all part of the deal.

INTVR.: Are you loveable?

S.A.: You're asking me that after telling me I'm destined for the hot place?

INTVR.: Why not?

S.A.: I'm loved. I can still be prickly too.

INTVR.: Hormones?

S.A.: Oh yeah.

INTVR.: This is fun.

S.A.: Yep.

INTVR.: Dresses or jeans?

S.A.: (Pulls out leg)

INTVR.: Keanu or Christopher?

S.A.: Both.

INTVR.: Last text you wrote?

S.A.: (Reaches for phone) "I can't read this."

INTVR.: Sure you can.

S.A.: No, I really can't.

INTVR.: It's probably not that bad.

S.A.: "My paycheck shows that I make good money, but my bills show I should be dropping bricks for El Chapo."

INTVR.: I've seen that meme.

S.A. I told you it wasn't appropriate.

INTVR.: It's funny. 

S.A. (Smiles, tucking the phone away)

INTVR.: One more?

S.A.: Okay.

INTVR.: What single act could we all do, to make the world a better place?

S.A.: Come out of our own experience and way of thinking, and listen. We need to really whole-heartedly stop talking, and LISTEN.

INTVR.: Thank you for sitting down with us and catching up.

S.A.: Thank you.

INTVR.: We hope your sons are doing better and that this years is your best yet.

S.A.: Thank you, I hope so. Same to you all.

INTVR.: Good luck with the next launch and your upcoming projects. Success!

S.A.: Thanks guys. Always a pleasure.