Author S.A. Geary


Fifty Questions With S.A.

INTVR Favorite Color?

S.A.: Seriously? Do artists even have favorite colors? That's like asking a person's single favorite movie, there's far too many good ones to have only one favorite. (sigh) Impossible questions.

INTVR: Fine. Favorite place traveled?

S.A.: Um, England. Hands down.

INTVR:  Middle Name?

S.A.: Oh yuck. (Laughs while turning red) It's, Amour.

INTVR:  Love? For real?

S.A.: For real.

INTVR: Okay.

S.A.: Okay.

INTVR: It's not, bad.

S.A.: Moving on.

INTVR: Morning person?

S.A.: Absolutely.

INTVR: You hesitated.

S.A.: After coffee, I meant.

INTVR:  Best food?

S.A.: Best food for me, or best food I like?

INTVR: Whichever. Both.

S.A.: Catfish fingers and collard greens. But, since I don't want to die of a premature heart attack, kale salad and tuna with five gluten free croutons.

INTVR:  Gym goer?

S.A.: Sometimes. A good week, three or four times. Bad'll be weeks.

INTVR: You're funny.

S.A.: Thanks, but that wasn't a question.

INTVR:  Right. Favorite band?

S.A.: You're doing it again.

INTVR: Humor me?

S.A.: Kay. Niyaz.

INTVR:  Ever been to the Middle East?

S.A.: Not yet, but I love some of the music.

INTVR.:  Most despised attribute?

S.A.: About myself or others? 

INTVR.: Others.

S.A.: Whininess. People who always complain or generally appear constipated with their own issues.

INTVR.: Graphic.

S.A.: (shrugs) Writer. You're welcome.

INTVR.: What do you find beautiful?

S.A.: Nature.

INTVR.: Books on your nightstand now?

S.A.: The Goodly Spellbook, Lord of the Rings, Yeats, and Shakespeare's Sonnets.

INTVR.: Childhood memory?

S.A.: Watching my mom put her makeup on in the bathroom.

INTVR.: What you could live without and why?

S.A. Good question.

INTVR.: Thanks.

S.A.: My cell phone, and all social media, because early humans never communicated with such distance and we really shouldn't either.

INTVR.: You're dropped off in the middle of the Appalachians with only a flash light, a box of matches, and a bottle of water...?

S.A.: Well I'm not going to eat myself if that's what your insinuating. Find a cavern, two rocks, dry reeds and brush, build a fire, hunker down and make hand puppets against the cave wall...while taking very small infrequent sips of my water.

INTVR.: Are you a survivor?

S.A.: Hell yes.

INTVR.: Is your car messy or clean?

S.A.: Depends on the day.

INTVR.: Ever been in a fist fight?

S.A.: Yup.

INTVR.: Who won?

S.A.: I'm four for six. 

INTVR.: If you could talk to your younger self, what would you say?

S.A.: Don't smoke. Don't waste your precious time on fools. Say "no" more, and never apologize for being authentic, even when insecure people can't handle it.

INTVR.: Deep convos or light and funny?

S.A.: There's a time and place for each.

INTVR.: If you weren't a writer...?

S.A.: You say that like it's an option.

INTVR.: If it was?

S.A.: I'd move to Ireland, buy a seaside cottage with beach property and raise/board horses.

INTVR.: Would you still write?

S.A.: I'll always write.

INTVR.: Full price or thrift shop?

S.A.: Thrift shop.

INTVR.: Apple pie or cherry pie?

S.A.: Pie.

INTVR.: Actor you'd like to meet?

S.A.: It's like the color question all over again. Let's see...can I pick three?

INTVR.: Only if you tell me why?

S.A.: Anthony Hopkins, because he's brilliant, Sandra Bullock, because she has a lovely soul, and Russell Tovey, super talented actor.

INTVR.: Crush?

S.A.: Rachel McAdams.

INTVR.: Like her huh?

S.A. She's stunningly beautiful.

INTVR.: You're straight right?

S.A.: (hesitates) Straight is a funny word, almost derives a sort of sick pleasure out of the user who draws a line in the sand between what's deemed "right" as in a "straight line" vs. a squiggly one. I've always drawn outside the lines, so, I'll say I am "good." I'm good, right where I am.

INTVR.: Evasive.

S.A.: But ultimately, true. I am married, committed, joyously happy as the matriarch of a building empire of men, three to be precise. But, as a soulful human, who knows that my walk on this earth is destined to be a glimpse before I rejoin the universe, I am inclined to be open to the possibilities of love, in all her forms.

INTVR.: Definitely a writer.

S.A.: (smiles)

INTVR.: Lake or ocean?

S.A.: Ocean.

INTVR.: Most annoying habit?

S.A.: I'm a control freak.

INTVR.: Sleep position?

S.A.: Belly.

INTVR.: Tattoos?

S.A.: 13

INTVR.: Wow. Where?

S.A.: It's a secret.

INTVR.: People watcher or oblivious to the world?

S.A.: People watcher.

INTVR.: Tell someone they have food on their chin, or sit back and laugh?

S.A.: Both.

INTVR.: Most mean thing you've ever done? 

S.A.: Told a friend to stand on a skateboard, then kicked her off it...after I said I wouldn't.

INTVR.: You're going to hell.

S.A.: Probably.

INTVR.: Ever lied?

S.A.: Sure. Hasn't everyone.

INTVR.: About what, did you lie?

S.A.: Whenever someone asks a question that requires me to lie in order to spare their feelings. 

INTVR.: That's a mercy lie, a white lie, that doesn't count.

S.A.: It counts, but I'm pretty sure that skateboard thing's what's really gonna matter when my heart's weighed.

INTVR.: I'm sure you're right. (laughing) How many times have you been in love?

S.A. (thinking) Four.

INTVR.: Are you loveable?

S.A.: I can be prickly, but yes, I am.

INTVR.: This is fun.

S.A.: Yes it is.

INTVR.: If I gave you a time travel machine, where would you go?

S.A.: That depends.


S.A.: Am I me now?

INTVR.: Sure. Yes.

S.A.: I don't know why I asked that because it doesn't matter. I'd go back to 18th century Europe. Hopefully I'd be one of those wealthy colored women with men and money at my disposal. (holds up fist for a bump)

INTVR.: Gens de couleur libres?

S.A.: Exactly. 

INTVR.: Nap on a bench or a boat?

S.A.: Bench.

INTVR.: John Lithgow or John Candy?

S.A.: Candy.

INTVR.: Last text you wrote?

S.A.: "Miss you too. Night."

INTVR.: What age would you like to live to?

S.A.: A hundred, but I was told by a farmhouse psychic I would live into my late eighties.

INTVR.: I think you should prove her wrong.

S.A.: I will.

INTVR.: I think we have time for one more.

S.A.: Okay.

INTVR.: What risks are worth taking?

S.A.: The ones that scare you the most.

INTVR.: Thank you for taking time with me today.

S.A.: Thank you.

INTVR.: Good luck with the launch of your next book, and, I wouldn't worry too much about that whole heart weighing. The universe knows the real you.

S.A.: (smiles) I'm so relieved. 

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