S.A. Geary is an American author of Urban & Paranormal Romance Fantasy.  Her debut novel series, House of New Gods, is a character collective  with a female main protagonist, that spans thousands of years and takes the reader on a journey from Ancient Egypt to present-day England. There are four books available with a fifth installment currently in production and due to release 2022. Plans for a sixth book are in the works with a tentative 2023 launch. Visit Amazon.com to download on kindle, receive free e-copies with kindle unlimited, or purchase in paperback. Hard covers may be available in the future. House of New Gods will soon be listed through Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, et. al. 

S.A. grew up in the states, and attended university where she was a Psychology major, with minor focuses in English, Art & Women Studies. A semester in American Minority Women Writers as well as traveling to England would one day spark her creativity to first imagine and then pen the very worlds she always wanted to read. House of New Gods tackles coming of age, first loves, second loves, ancient worlds, prophesies, curses, the damned, enemies, war, death, and rebirth. In dealing with gods and goddesses there is naturally a healthy amount of spirituality, mysticism, magic, & mythology as well.

S.A. lives on the East Coast with her partner, two sons, & her beautiful familiar, the very wise kitty, Miss Luna. When she isn't writing, S.A. enjoys educating her boys at home, gardening, painting, cooking, and finding new coffee shops for the next best espresso. A perfect Saturday: An Americano on the patio, fireplace ambiance, & a favorite book. Her picks: Leaves of Grass, Dante's Inferno (heavy, yes), or The Vampire Chronicles. 

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